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Irish Railroad Worker Lapel Pin

Irish Railroad Worker Lapel Pin

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Irish Railroad Worker collectors enamel pin. Limited Edition

Ireland and the USA have had an unending connection since the first North America settlements. Immigration exploded in the 1840's (due to potato famine) and continued unabated during the 19th c. Prohibited in prior centuries in their homeland from voting, owning land or holding office, predominately Roman Catholic in a predominately Protestant USA, and mostly unskilled, speaking frequently only Gaelic, 19th c. Irish-Americans faced near universal discrimination. Despite this over 150,000 fought in America's Civil War (1861-1865) and over 3000 labored (many veterans) on the transcontinental railroad (1862-1869). Wanting a better life, Irish-American's offered theirs skills and their strength, serving as engineers, managers and laborers for both the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific railroads. 

Materials & Size:

  • Brass
  • Butterfly Clutch on Back
  • Imit. Hard Enamel
  • 1.19" x 1.5"